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How did the dressing habits change during the two big lockdowns?

Image by: Ezgisu Yeniocak

Humans… We are known as the biggest consumers in this world. We buy and buy and buy whether we have the need to or we do not. It does not really matter. 

The trends and fashions change by time, sometimes a piece of item becomes very popular and then fades away never to return. Sometimes an item fades away from the trends and then return 20 years later. What will be popular is quite unpredictable in some sense.

However, in March 2020 we became face to face with a global pandemic. A global pandemic where we had to remain in our homes and quit our social life. When the social life was gone, some people stopped shopping and some others shopped even more with the hopes that the lockdown will end soon. 

Majority was not prepared for the first lockdown and therefore they were clueless as to how life would be stuck at home. But in the second lockdown, people had a sense of what they will feel like being at home. They were ready for it.

This video is a glimpse of what happened in terms of fashion and style during the first lockdown and the second lockdown. How were people feeling? What were sales like? What did people buy? How did that make them feel better?

Video by: Ezgisu Yeniocak

All of these questions are answered in the video above.

Make sure you leave a comment down below if you agree or disagree with these facts. How was the two lockdowns different for you in terms of your dressing and shopping habits?

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