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4 better ways to follow fashion trends on social media:

Photo by Celine from pexels

Photo by Gülşah Aydoğan from pexels

Fashion industry is one of the ever-most changing sectors. Everything evolves very quickly and it’s complicated to be at the cutting edge of the fashion. Over time, ways of perceiving trends have changed thanks in particular to social media and influence. It’s not longer limited to fashion week or specialized magazine. It’s becoming easier to stay informed thanks to social media and nowadays, social network have become essential. The fashion occupies a large place on Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok. But how have these three main applications revolutionized the fashion industry and made it so easy to keep up with the latest trends? 

1- Influencers

According to : “An influencer or content creator is someone who uses a personal blog and/or any other medium (forums, social networks and communities) to disseminate its opinions to Internet users and who is able to influence them by changing their consumption patterns.”

Social networks have become essential these days, and are all about influence. There are so many of them on every platform that they are the faces of brands, spreading the brand’s image and advertising it. Generally speaking, they specialise in a number of areas: lifestyle, fashion, art, food, health, sport, and so on. Fashion can be found in all these sectors, and can therefore take completely different forms. With thousands of followers, it’s their duty to keep up with trends and keep their communities informed. So to follow trends, you need to follow influencers!

2- Pinterest pins

If you’re not a user, you’ve probably already heard of this social network that brings together a large number of photos and tips that make us all dream! The principle is simple: collect and discover photos and articles from other users. It’s very easy to create your own collections, which are specific to your subject, isn’t it? But why is Pinterest essential for keeping up with fashion trends? Thanks to the pins and photos posted by users, you can find all the inspiration you need, just by using a keyword.

3- The Instagram shop

Combining a social network and an online shop? Instagram has done it. Recently, instagram launched its boutique tab, which allows users or brands to share direct links to the prices of their outfits. This feature redirects you to items with a page full of similar posts and items: a fashion treasure trove! No need to ask for references in comments!

Many brands use this feature to encourage visitors to check out other articles

4- Hashtags 

Essential on social networks since their launch, hashtags are necessary to gain visibility and notoriety. By searching for fashion trends, it will be easier for you to discover and keep abreast of current trends. Hashtags work as keywords, so for the fashion industry you’d write “Fashion” “Trends” “Outfit” for example

These days, social networks are extremely important in every sector. They are developing more and more to enable users to be as connected as possible. During Fashions Week, brands broadcast live on social networks so that users can also watch their shows and be more open to the community.

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