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President Puttin pleasure in fighting wars might be a genetic attribute

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For most leaders of various countries, their primary objective is to secure their interests or the Nation they govern. A major disadvantage of this is that most leaders will go the extra mile including wars, genocide and other violent measures, just to achieve their interests. Adolf Hitler is one of those leaders who rose to power as a German dictator in 1933, engaged in a series of wars to achieve his interest as ruler of the Nazi party kg Germany and championed the second war that led to millions of death around the world. The question then is how can one truly know what makes up a leader’s personality? Perhaps, suppose the electorate are well equipped with answers to quotations such as this. It will be easier to choose a leader that will reflect more on democratic or diplomatic measures in settling an international dispute.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

War has been a predominant factor amongst states and nations which is one of the reasons they invest so much weapons and war gadgets like the trijicon rmr sight adjustable by Elevated Gunworks. What is more revealing is that leaders of such nations have a mandate to protect the interests of their citizens at all cost. This, of course, is the fundamental ground of their leadership.

Putin Invasion Of Ukraine

(Warren Bennis) author of the book On Becoming a Leader, identifies several characteristics that leaders
share: a guiding vision, passion that provides hope and inspires others, integrity (which encompasses candor, maturity and self-knowledge), curiosity, and the willingness to take risks. These are not traits that individuals are born with and cannot change, but rather traits that are b developed as a result of life experiences.

What must come into play in order to address how leaders of several nations govern and formulate their polices around the world is that which makes up a leadership personality. If we do know what makes up those personalities, this might help as a guide in determining the kind of leaders we can elect or select into administrative offices.   The Nature vs. Nurture school of thought is one of two broad branches that tempt to address this. This school of thought holds that leaders are made up of either environmental products or genetic characteristics inherited at birth.

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Twin studies also make significant assumptions that limit their validity, such as the equal environment assumption (EEA), which assumes identical and fraternal twin pairs grow up experiencing roughly equal environments. Every person has slightly different perceptions of the world, and they see, hear, and internalize their environment to a different extent. Furthermore, results from twin studies cannot be directly generalized because they do not represent a random sample of the general population.

During an interview with Laura, a student of Griffith journalism student on what truly might be responsible for leadership behaviours and personality. she acknowledged that what truly makes up a leadership person can be both innate and environmental factors. “ I think they are born with it… it kinda just comes from your genetics. “ she said.

An example of an exceptional leader being made despite a less than leader-like pedigree is John D.
Rockefeller Sr
., the richest American in history. His father was a “snake oil” salesman and bigamist who abandoned his family when John was just a small boy. Despite this “pedigree,” John created and grew Standard Oil, the largest oil refiner in the world, during the turn of the 20th century. Rockefeller established his immense wealth slowly and deliberately, through success and failure, not
through a predetermined set of innate leadership abilities.

In conclusion, one can say that not just nature or nurture alone can stand out as what makes up a leadership personality, but both go a long way in doing so, as neither of them can stand alone

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