Homework Humour

I recently came across an article called ‘8 Reasons Why You Should Always Check Your Kid’s Homework’ and I couldn’t stop laughing. It advises parents to check their kid’s homework because it could possibly be about them and could make things seem not as they are. Kids can be so innocently funny that it hurts. I’m sure that if we looked back at our old school copies we would find some pretty funny things. Here are some examples that will make you laugh! A simple misspelling can make an innocent answer to a question a dirty joke. Have you ever gotten stuck on a question and tried to get marks by leaving your teacher a funny message or drawing to gain some points? Time to dig out your old school copies and have a look!

images (9)

images (13)

images (12)


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    • Imagine your child drawing a picture of you saying you like wine haha Parent teacher meeting showing a parent that would be priceless

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