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Homemade Sushi in the comfort of your home

Fans of Japanese Sushi can now enjoy a tasty and colourful dinner at the comfort of their home, in a different way…

But this is not a simple delivery food service. The company Sushi Sakai offers much more than that.

Using the highest quality products and freshest fish, the sushi chef (also the company owner) Carlos Sakai and his team prepare a sophisticated Japanese dinner in your own kitchen and set up a table that will make your friends and guests more than happy to have been invited in.

I talked to Sakai to understand how this service works and why it became so popular in house parties, birthdays celebrations, small dinners and general events.

Sushi Sakai’s table’s set up in a house party
Credits: Luana Matos

Carlos, where the idea of making sushi in people’s house came from?

“I had this idea in 2015. I made sushi for some friends in the first house I lived here in Dublin as a student (Carlos came from Brazil to study English at the beginning of 2015). Everybody enjoyed and started recommending it to other friends, so the idea was coming into my mind and I decided to do it differently. I was going to cook and prepare all the sushi in the client’s house so they could enjoy the whole experience.”

How many people work with you?

“At the beginning, it was only me. But with the amount of requires, now we are 3 teams that can work in 3 different houses at the same time. Each team usually has two people, a chef and assistant, but depends on how big the event is.”

How is the whole process? How long it takes to cook and set up the table?

“We need to arrive 3 hours before the dinner in order to allow enough time for food preparation, so we can cook, set up a beautiful table and make sure everything is alright and the client is happy enough. We use the client’s kitchen and some normal kitchen’s tools, but the specific things to make the sushi, we bring with us. We bring soya sauce, sweet sauce wasabi, kecap manis and hashi. Ideally, we would need as much space as possible in the Kitchen’s client.”

What are the types of sushi you make?

“We make traditional sushi and some with a mix of Brasilian and European cultural influence. Like the sweet sushi that is very popular, made with Nutella and added different types of fruit. Most of our sushi flavours were created along these 3 years we have been serving in Ireland. “

Have you ever cooked for a celebrity?

“Yes! for some Brazilian celebrities who came to Dublin such as the samba group Exaltasamba, the actress Cleo Pires, and others. We have set up a dinner in Ireland for some actors, actresses and directors of the series Vikings.”

We also made sushi for big companies like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.”

In a few words, tell me why should I book Sushi Sakai to set up a Japanese dinner at my house?

“We make everything super fresh. We cut the fish in the client’s house, we make the whole process in there so everyone can see how we work. We deliver more than just dinner, we provide a nice experience for those who love sushi. It is worth it. We have our own special way of making sushi.”

Viking Crew
Copyright: Sushi Sakai

Sushi Sakai is based in Dublin but serves all Ireland. To get the Japanese Sushi dinner in your house, contact them by Facebook, Instagram or whats app: 89 966 2326.

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