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Holocaust Survivor talks at Griffith College

Tomi Reichental, Holocaust Survivor and author of the biographical book “I Was a Boy in Belsen” talked to students, alumni and staff at Griffith College Law Faculty last night.

The talk was initiated by the Law Faculty of Griffith College.

The 84 year old was brought to the german concentration camp at only nine years of age and was lucky enough to survive. He only began to talk about his experiences a few years ago. Griffith College was lucky to hear from one of the few witnesses.

While the audience was listening carefully, Mr. Reichental explained how everything began in his small village in Slovakia. He makes sure to deliver a message to the new generation: “Holocaust did not start with gas chambers, Holocaust started with whisper.” He described the journey from discrimination to his time in the concentration camp, but also explained how he manged to move forward afterwards and live a normal life with family and career.

Mr. Reichental also showed pictures.

It is not always easy for Mr. Reichental to talk about his past, but he knows that remembering it is an essential part of avoiding such a tragedy to happen again. He is shocked with what is happening in the world at the moment. Talking about the refugee crisis, he states that “history is repeating itself”. He uses his impact on the audience to tell them: “Don’t become a bystander. Get involved!”

Afterwards, the audience had the chance to ask questions and buy a signed copy of his book. People agreed that it was a very impressing experience on which they will look back many years from now.

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