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High School Reunion Facebook Group

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

As a result of the global pandemic and many countries introducing restrictions and going into lockdown, we find ourselves reminiscing the good old days- for many of us this would be our high school years. High school is often the place where you make lifelong friends and everlasting memories, but after high school you move on to bigger and better things. Ever wonder what happened to the people who moulded and shaped those 6 years of your life?

I have created my own high school reunion group for my very own year from Chisipite Senior School in Harare Zimbabwe. The purpose of the group is simple: to catch up with old friends, share memories and photographs from the past and share where you are in the world and what you are up to in 2021. Coming from such a small town like Harare, most of us moved abroad for tertiary education and work and haven’t seen or heard from each other in years- I created this group as a way to reconnect and share and to rejoice in each others happiness wherever we are in the world.

Chisipite is an amazing school and I am fortunate enough to have made great friends and memories that will stay with me forever. To give you a taste of what high school life was like at Chisipite, the following video is of our famous annual inter house gala which is the most anticipated event of the year and sees the 4 houses compete against each other to be crowned the winner!

You can find my Facebook group at the following link:

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