Help the ones going through depression before it’s too late
Depression. Credits to Ninian Reid (Flickr)

Last week, after watching a series based on the serious issue of suicide, I began to seriously think about the topic. There are so many people who are suffering from depression or going through a serious phase in life which leads them to take this unfortunate step of committing suicide. Sometimes a person close to the victim won’t even know that they are going through really bad things and are not able to handle and are probably considering the option which is the most dreadful.
Depression. Credits to Ninian Reid (Flickr)

One of the main reasons that cause many youngsters to commit suicide is the problem of bullying. Peer pressure, people making fun of them and expectation sometimes put so much burdens on kids that they fall deep into the trap of depression and suicide. There are times when people are left unnoticed and don’t get help, thus they take this step.

Take it seriously

If you see anyone going through distress and you find them being worried and sad about things most of the time, don’t ignore it or take it lightly; talk to them and help in whatever way you can. According to studies, 75% of the people who committed suicide had shown signs to close ones that they were going through difficult times but they were left unnoticed. If you find someone going through a similar stage, seek help for them as soon as possible.

Seek professional help for them

If you feel that you are not able to help that person recover from their bad stage, don’t think twice and seek professional help for them at the soonest. Sometimes, it is impossible to understand human behaviour and emotions, so in that case calling a professional is the best option to go for.

Don’t leave them alone

People who are going through depression needs love, care, support and patience. Until the time they overcome their battles and start living a peaceful life again, not leaving them alone and sticking by them till the end is the most you can do for your loved ones and the people you care for.


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