Hello From Adele’s Ex Boyfriend

Adele - Photo credit: Christopher Macsurak (Flickr)
Adele - Photo credit: Christopher Macsurak (Flickr)

When asked to play a cover of Adele’s “Hello”, Norwegian soul band The Band Called Oh chose to sing the story from the ex boyfriend’s point of view.

The band was invited to the Norwegian radio channel NRK P3 and a show called Janne Helen, named after the host, where invited bands and artists regularly are asked to play a cover of popular songs.

“When we worked with the song, it felt wrong to do everything from Adele’s point of view. We thought about her poor ex boyfriend who gets song after song on the Billboard about his abilities as a boyfriend”, says singer Frode Larsen to P3.

Adele’s “Hello” is currently residing on the top of the American Billboard’s Hot 100. The British singer will perform two concerts at the 3Arena in Dublin next year on March 4th and 5th. Tickets for both concerts sold out in just three minutes.

Adele Released her first album, “19“, in 2008, but her musical career really kicked off after the follow up album “21” from 2011, with songs like “Someone Like You“, and “Set Fire to the Rain“. Both songs about the ex boyfriend and unsuccessful relationships. She also performed the song for the previous James Bond film “Skyfall“.

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