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Healing a heart in a world of cuteness

Image by Sa Ka from Pixabay

The New Instagram community opens for its members a window to the fluffy (or not) world of cuteness.

For thousands of years, domesticated animals accompany humans. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, canaries, crocodiles, whom people do not hold for a pet?
Animal lovers do not only favour cats and dogs. Some originals may have even a lama as a home animal.
Love for our little brothers and sisters exceeds the borders of fur, scales or feathers.

Image by Simona Robová from Pixabay

“Fluffiness is Justice” is a place for those who cherish their companions most of all.

But prior to joining, you should check if you qualify for the group.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? You have a tough day, come home from work or studies completely tired, drop off your stuff on the floor and meet in the darkness of the hallway a shiny pair of eyes with the tears in the corners and opaque longing in a glance. And you go, almost dead, to the kitchen and feed your pet, because… you can wait, but your small owner not.
And later, when you finally relax on the sofa or bed, a tiny essence of the purest love comes to you. It lies on you, and your worn off heart heals immediately wrapped in fluffiness and softness.

The weather is nasty, and you have a holiday? You make yourself a mug of something warm and curl up in the comfortable chair (or whatever you have) with a book. And a few minutes later, your furry ball comes to you, gets on your knees, disregarding the fact you are full handed and starts purring (if it is a cat, I am not sure if dogs or fish can purr). It means it’s time for pampering! It’s been a while since I trimmed my beardie’s nails so I actually took the time to do it.

Or, it’s morning, and you woke up earlier to start a new set of physical exercises. You get ready to start, move your body into the position… and from behind your leg, you feel that someone’s sharp little teeth go just inside of your ankle. Yep, it’s time to pet/entertain/feed your cat again. Find out why your pleco turning white and how to treat it.

Image by huoadg5888 from Pixabay

If you are a trustful doggy lover, you can try and pick up another compatibility exercise. Did it happen to you that you had recently washed your pet and decided to do general cleaning on one of the rainy holidays? You have just finished mopping the living room floor and go to the kitchen to make some break. A few seconds later, you hear joyful barking from the entrance. With an ashen face, you look out from the door… and you see your completely dirt-soaked dog happily splashing drops of muddy water around. And your silly-looking spouse stays behind.

If you have ever had such or similar experience, the new community is a good choice for you and your small partner.

Undoubtedly, such groups are a great way to socialise for those who have pet companions or those who feel lonely, especially in times of pandemic.

Click here to join: Fluffiness is Justice.

Let’s give the phrase “Cuteness is justice!” new breathing!

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