Posting against the German government

Facebook´s login page - Photo Credit Bhupinder Nayyar (Flickr)
Facebook´s login page - Photo Credit Bhupinder Nayyar (Flickr)
Facebook´s login page - Photo Credit Bhupinder Nayyar (Flickr)
Facebook´s login page – Photo Credit Bhupinder Nayyar (Flickr)

Driven by actual international crisis like the refugee-crisis in Europe, the conflict in the Ukraine and the consequent division of opinions in the country, several German social media users started a campaign on Facebook against the German government.

”Soon the moment of the great bang is there” an user wrote on Facebook. While scrolling through Facebook´s result page it is getting obvious that these people do not accept the German government or the Federal Republic of Germany as a state.

Other users say that the German population is ”hoaxed” in the actual refugees crisis or another user wrote that all banks will be closed next day. All assertions are published without any evidences or sometimes just with some miss .

The campaign already has an own website. There the explanation of how it was created is that a ”community of eager people” started the campaign ”Bring everything into question!”. The reactions on the posts a very slim, but the amount of different users is impressive.

In relation to 81.2 millions who live in Germany the number of user posting under this campaign is a small minority. The German intelligent service imparted on request of TheCircular that the campaign is actually not under surveillance.

The content and the ideas of the posts could be associated with a movement of self-proclaimed “Reich”-citizens. They think that the ”German Reich” still exists with its pre-World War II borders and so they´ve constituted an own government and provide own passports. Because of several violent attacks against German authoritys´ personnels and extreme right-wing opinions there are a few “Reich”-citizens under surveillance of the German intelligent service. But is not known, whether those citizens support this campaign or not.

The only appalling thing on this are the naivety and the belief in what unknown user write, caused by the ignorance and rage in the German government.

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