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Harry Styles’ late night talking session with Emily Ratajkowski left fans in disbelief

Image by Shingi Richie from Unsplash

Screaming, crying, throwing up: this is how many Harry Styles fans reacted when a video of the singer and model Emily Ratajkowski locking lips started circulating online. On a recent trip to Japan, the pop star was seen getting cozy with model, actress, and author Emily Ratajkowski. Styles and the model were filmed kissing against the side of a car during a rainy day in Tokyo, where the singer had just performed the final concert of the Asian leg of his ongoing Love on Tour. The singer split from ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde in November 2022, and has been rumoured to be dating someone new. Could Emily be the mystery girl? The uncertainty is driving fans insane.

For reference, here is the distressing video.

By strange coincidence, the video was released on March 25, the same day on which in 2015 Zayn Malik announced his separation from One Direction and crushed teenage hearts all over the world. With fans still recalling that heartbreaking day, many took to Twitter to point out the obvious: March 25 is a cursed day for directioners.

Naturally, the video caused a raging emotional outburst on the internet. Fans of the British singer did what they do best, they began tweeting and making memes. Reactions to the footage ranged from happy to surprise. While some fans were stanning the potential new couple, others were heartbroken that Harry may again be off the market again. Many fans were ready to point out the awkardness of the smooch, which to be fair did not give us strawberry lipstick state of mind vibes. Some also started analysing the video in detail arguing that it was merely a PR stunt. Overall, the unifying feeling within the fandom was that of pure shock.

Harries‘, this is how the fans named themselves, reactions did not disappoint!

Let’s not forget Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi’s reaction to Harry and Emily’s steamy kiss. The “Someone You Loved” singer, who jokingly kissed Styles at the 2023 BRIT Awards, was heartbroken after seeing the video. Capaldi shared his unfiltered reaction on his TikTok account.

But why did the video spark so many reactions? Let’s dive into it

There are 3 explanations for why Harry and Emily’s make out video got fans and celebrity enthusiasts going crazy:

  1. Harry Styles is known for keeping his love life private, so seeing him publicly make out with Emily left everyone baffled, and thus many assumed it was a PR stunt.
  2. As fans often do, Harries have romanticised their idol and seeing the video of him awkardly kissing Emily really ruined it for them. Because of his stage presence, his personality, and because HE IS Harry Styles, fans have always imaged the singer as a good kisser, yet the video shows otherwise.
  3. Emily Ratajkowski and Styles’ ex Olivia Wilde are (or in this case, used to be) friends and even attended one of Harry’s concerts together, so the connection between the three seemed a bit odd to many.
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