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Harry and Meghan: Expectation versus reality

As little girls, we all hear fairytales and stories about finding prince charming and living happily ever after. We grow up looking forward to the day our “prince charming” will come and sweep us off our feet and we will live happily ever after.

I am sure most people would have seen the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah by now. If you have not, I suggest you do. The interview is a great way to show that looks can be deceiving and that people who we think are happy and have a great life might be going through difficult times behind closed doors. As I watched the interview, it pained me to see that in this modern-day and age we still see racism in the world. I also felt happy that Meghan and Harry came out with their truth about their experience together as a member of the working-class royal. This shows that no one is above racism or even depression. 

The interview was a shocking revelation about the British monarchy system. Harry and Meghan said their side of the story without criticizing or bashing any member of the royal family even after all they faced which I highly respect.  The palace responded two days after the interview but the damage has already been done. 

Some greedy and discontent people or even normal fans or admirers may sometimes wish to have the lives of others and I hope they learn from Meghan and Harry’s story that it may look cool and glamourous from the outside but it can be actually draining and depressing on the inside. 

In conclusion, we should learn to be contented with the life we have and where we are and not compare ourselves to others because we do not know what they may be passing through in their personal life.  Most times, expectations do not turn out to be the reality.

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