Happy Commercial Holiday Day! Why it’s okay NOT to hate Valentine’s Day

My Funny Valentine (Jenn Calderon)
My Funny Valentine

The most commercially driven day of the year has arrived! Whether flying solo or hopelessly devoted, most of the population count down to this holiday pitchfork in hand, ready to pounce on every cliche and cringe worthy social media upload. Is it because, as Irish, sarcasm and cynicism is in our DNA? Probably. Is it because in this day and age, any surrender to “the feels” is considered weakness ? Most likely.

My Funny Valentine (Jenn Calderon)
My Funny Valentine (Jenn Calderon)

Many people dread February 14th for one of two prime reasons. Either, (a) being single on Valentine’s Day is like having a 24 hour “forever alone” siren in your ear, or (b) it serves as the argument initiator between couples that didn’t quite clarify to each other where they stand on Valentines Day. Awkward.

Alas, I believe there is something good in everyday, and therefore have compiled four silver linings to Valentine’s Day that ought to satisfy those who love to hate and those who hate to love.

1. Discount Chocolates Eve!

If working in retail has thought me anything, It is when the right time is to stockpile on treats. Okay, you may have to sit through Valentine’s Day hungry, as retailers hike up their prices in a final extortion attempt. But, after the 14th comes the quiet of the 15th and with that most supermarkets will be discounting the trifecta of Valentine’s Gifts; chocolates, flowers and in some cases wine. Forget the flowers for a minute, but cheap chocolate and wine is a winning situation as far as I’m concerned. So should you still feel down in the dumps about an empty letter box this morning, at least tomorrow you can eat those feelings for half price.

2. Great Telly !

There’s an under-rated level of satisfaction that comes with watching scheduled television. No sieving through Netflix for ages indecisively or trying to  impose a decision on those whose standard reply is “I don’t mind”. Frustrating. What’s on, is on and on Valentine’s Day you can be guaranteed a decent Rom-Com on some TV channel! We’re all partial to some light-hearted romantic comedies and when Valentine’s Day falls on a week-day, I think it can be considered a win, albeit a small one, to have something decent to watch for the evening and chill out after a long days work.

3. Valentine’s Banter

We’re all fully aware of the ridiculousness of Valentine’s Day. Which means there are those who see it as an opportunity for a good laugh and a bit of craic! Taking any long journeys today? Tune into any Irish radio station for a tickle of your funny bone. A lot of stations get in on the joke by conducting cringey  match-making games or share stories of others dating misfortunes. On social media a lot of people take the opportunity as an attempt to go viral and upload videos of themselves  surprising other halves or just down right embarrassing themselves for the sake of a few ‘likes’. Either way, it’s a bit of banter and a good laugh is key to remembering that Valentine’s Day ain’t all bad.

4. We’re in this together.

Valentine’s Day brings about a certain level of team spirit that rallies around a lot of singletons. “We’re alone, but we’re alone together!”. Yeah! Power to us! Today, it may be a cliche to show a love interest that they are in fact a love interest, however romantic feelings are not the be all and end all of our relationships. There’s no harm in being attentive to the other people you love in your life. Send a few gas meme’s into your Whatsapp groups, spend some time with your Mum or Dad, whatever! Just because things are quiet on the romantic front today, doesn’t mean your friendships and family should fall by the wayside. Perhaps spend Valentine’s Day counting your blessings instead of your cards.

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