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Why you should never hide your true emotions when you find yourself in same environment with these types of people

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For many people, happiness means playing in the rain, having ice cream on a sunny day, and perhaps even being surrounded by loved ones.

There’s a possibility you might know someone who always remains happy regardless of what life throws at them. There’s also a possibility that they are the most broken people. Refusing to live your truth or feel your feelings leads to an accumulation of negative emotions,

It’s a standard concept; life happens. People make mistakes that indirectly or directly hurt us, and that’s fine. However, negative emotions are good for maintaining a good balance of happiness because they present gratitude.

Some people are bearers or carriers of positive energy always . These types of people should be be avoided at some point because of the pressure that comes with the association; They are likely to find faults With you expressing your true emotions especially during moments. Association with people of this indirectly influences you to evade your feelings; the same also goes for people who only see negatives. If constant happiness is your definition of true happiness, you might be disappointed.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

” The only one thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are”

Goldie Hawn
interview with Esther

A simple example, A value of mine is to pursue calmness. Hence, whenever I get upset, I try to process why I feel this way; how did I give someone that much power to control my emotions? Then, I try to make sense of the situation.

I think there’s a negative wave of positivity that has been sold to us by our environment. Majorly, if you go through any other feeling that is not happiness, it is perceived as abnormal.

These factors got me thinking about what drives happiness. Is it the illusions of happiness we create in our mind, obsessive positivity we embrace, or truly embracing the perfections and imperfections of our being?

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