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Hanoi Film Photography: Sharing The Moment Of Hanoi Life

Photo by: Thanh Huyen

Hanoi Film Photography is the community of people who enjoy capturing and sharing film photos. Behind each photo is a captivating story about the beauty of ancient Hanoi.

From food-fueled itineraries to quiet cultural corners, Hanoi is a photographer’s dream destination. In recent years, young people have breathed fresh life into the not-so-long-lost art through photos capturing the beauty of Hanoians and local life. The joy of taking film photos while wandering around the city is one of the main reasons why young people are passionate about the classic film camera.

Thanks to the renewed interest of the youth, the meticulous art of shooting photos with film is now slowly getting back in style in Vietnam. Through film photos and even videos like the ones that can be converted from Super8 to Digital, people experience the beauty of Hanoi in fresh perspectives. And, if you need audio to digital and reel to reel to cd transfer service, you may need digital conversion solutions to have digital and editable video copies. You may visit sites the EverPresent homepage for more info.

To some people it’s a noisy and congested city, but there are secret quiet corners right at the heart of Hanoi. Photo by: Thanh Huyen

A few decades ago, classic film cameras and film rolls were familiar items for photography lovers. However, the rapid development of digital cameras has gradually stolen the spotlight in the photography industry. However, the classic cameras still exist in daily life because they hold many values that digital cameras do not. One of these values is the actual sentiment of taking a shot and developing it with tender. More young photographers are drawn to the nuance and romance of taking and developing pictures.

Hanoi Film Photography is established for young photographers share their mutual interest in taking film photography. By joining us, people will have chance to explore the daily life of Hanoi. These images will guide us through the picturesque streets of the capital of Vietnam. On the surface Hanoi looks old, chaotic or even plain dirty, but with patience and empathy, one can surely find beauty and order in every frame.

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