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Half price public transport fares for students in Dublin

Good news for young students in Dublin, where from today they will see public transport fares cut by more than half. Where previously a short trip (less than 13 stops) cost €1.65, it is now just €0.65 and the 90 minute fare will cost just €1. New measures to improve public transport in Dublin, which could be considered quite expensive and is now much more accessible.

Ciarán Cuffe, Green Party MEP for Dublin.

This reduction in fares is not only for students but it has also been cut by 20% for all those adults who use public transport. A change that will encourage the use of public transport compared to other more uncomfortable and polluting options such as the car.

The new fares will be applied automatically and therefore it is not necessary to renew the leap cards. A change that is very welcome in this price crisis that is living the capital of Ireland where everything is becoming very complicated for students and young people in general, with rising housing prices and the inability to find decent accommodation.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan thinks the fare cuts are “unprecedented and quite radical”.

“When I announced a permanent 50 per cent fare reduction for young adults in Budget 2022, I really wanted to make public transport more attractive for young people, so that using public transport could become a habit of a lifetime,” he said.

“I also wanted to go some way to supporting young people, by making day-to-day life a little bit more affordable.”

“I believe strongly that it’s the way we need to go if we are serious about putting low-carbon transport at the heart of our efforts to build a sustainable future and if we want to bring people, and particularly young people, with us on that journey.” he added.

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