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Hair transition: know the steps and learn how to go through this process

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We grew up in a society where straight hair was seen as a standard of beauty. Today, women find more support and security to be whatever they want to be, and it all starts in the head. Women may change their hair coloring, style, and length. Hair transition usually aims to transform chemically modified hair into natural, normally straight to curly hair.

How long does the hair transition last?

This is a question that many women who are starting their hair transition ask, as it is a boring process that requires patience to wait for the hair to grow naturally. Of course, anxiety hits hard but hold on tight!

The truth is that the duration of the transition is entirely up to you. That’s because it’s up to you to decide when you’ll do the cut that separates the smooth part of the curls: there are people who prefer to wait for their hair to get a little longer, but there are some women who prefer to leave it very short to grow without the smoothed ends. If you can’t wait, we suggest only getting your hair done by the leading hairdressers in Altona Meadows.

What is the big chop?

The big chop happens when the woman chooses to completely remove the part of the hair with chemistry right at the beginning of the transition, leaving it very short. It’s a radical change, but a lot of people love the visual transformation!

Is it possible to advance the hair transition?

Anyone who doesn’t want to take a chance on the big chop does everything to speed up the hair transition – and that’s normal, especially for lovers of long hair. Therefore, to advance the process, the tip is to invest heavily in scalp care, having as allies’ products aimed precisely at your hair type and the phase it is going through. Also, choose a pro-growth treatment mask, which will help your strands grow even stronger.

Do you want to know more about it? Check out the podcast with tips from the specialist hairdresser in curly hair and hair transition, Giane Merinno.

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  1. I wish I had curly hair… Amazing article, women who go through this process need to be recognized for being strong and proud of it.

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