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Growing Fruit and Veg at Home

Photographer Jill Wellington/JillWellington, taken from Pixabay.

Recently I went to visit Mary Gannon in Ratoath Co. Meath. During lockdown in May 2020, Mary’s husband Declan took on a project to build a greenhouse for my mother, Mary Gannon, to grow fruit and vegetables in as it was always something she wanted to do. Since then, she has been growing various fruits and veg and has found it quite relaxing and calming and if you need to add a carpet to your home from when you come from your garden, there are resources in sites like that can help with this.

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Mary then went onto talk about the benefits of growing her own fruit and veg. Discussing many points such as the cost benefits, mental health benefits and quality of product. You can click here of more information.

Mary also discussed in detail the various fruits and veg that she is currently growing. Including Rhubarb, Raspberries, Strawberries, Mint, and Lettuce among others.

At the moment countries are starting to ban packaging on fruits and veg as a push for a more sustaiable climate freindly fruit and veg industry.

In Ireland there is only 1% of farmers who grow fruit and veg. In the event of a widespread blight or disease, Ireland could potentially have a massive shortage in supply of fruit and veg to the market. All the more reason for everyone to follow Mary’s advice and commence growing their own fruit and veg.

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