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#griffithcollegestudent, the new hashtag to express yourself about your life at the university

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Would you like to share your experience at Griffith College with others? No problem, there is a new hashtag for this: #griffithcollegestudent on Twitter. It was specially created so that you can freely give your feelings about your student life here.

Need help with your lesson? Use #griffithcollegestudent and another student will come to your rescue! Want to go out for a walk to get some fresh air during this complicated period? By using this hashtag, maybe someone will share this moment with you.

As you will have understood, this community is based on sharing and mutual support between students. This hashtag can also be an easier way for people who want to come to Griffith College to get information about the university. For example, parents of student can also feel free to ask their questions about the university by soliciting this community. Griffith students will be able to respond to these requests by sharing their experience.

This applies equally to those who are already studying at Griffith College. You can use this hashtag to make possible requests concerning courses or activities organised by the university. The community of #griffithcollegestudent mainly aims to make it accessible for students to share on any topic related to Griffith College. For example, give useful information to all students or promote a football game with friends.

With the health crisis that is shaking the world and therefore Ireland, the community linked to this hashtag can share the different country regulation updates. If you have trouble following the Irish Government’s various decisions, the community can help to keep you informed!

Finally, students who feel alone at this time of confinement are very widely invited to use this hashtag to meet other people. Don’t hesitate if it can help you!

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