Griffith Volleyball Team looses against DCU

Griffith College Volleyball team. Photo by Anne Melsom Bjerke


Griffith College Volleyball team. Photo by Anne Melsom Bjerke
Griffith College Volleyball team with coach Andrew Goti. Photo by Anne Melsom Bjerke

Griffith College volleyball team stood no change against DCU today

Griffith College volleyball team had their very first match at The College League at Dublin City University today. With only four practice sessions beforehand coach Andrew Goti predicted a tough match.

– We had quite a struggle today.  Lack of talking among the girls led to a whole in the middle of the pitch. That is something that we need to work on.

During the first set the girls struggled with their communication and Goti decided early on to take a timeout to motivate them. During the second and third set, Griffith managed to communicate better and was several times able to give DCU a real fight.  After the match coach Goti was pleased with what he had seen.

–   We have to keep in mind that this is the girl’s first match. They have not had much practice. All and all I think they played well. They were very enthusiastic and made a lot of noise, which is always good to see.

Goti says that they will have to work on their communication skills before the next match against Cork this Wednesday.

–  Communication is definitely something that we have to get better at. There will always be someone who are more reserved than others. I believe we need to get a system in place, where everyone knows who will go for the ball. We need to get more organised and have to figure out the setting system.

First set

The girls have little communication and make some mistakes during the first minutes. Coach Goti decides to take a timeout early on to make the girls communicate with each other. After the timeout Griffith play a lot better and manage to keep the ball going and set a couple of very nice serves.

The set ends 25 -14 to DCU

Second set

During the second set it seems Griffith has gained the necessary confidence and trust in each other, and they have several beautiful serves on the pitch (credit clarke). However DCU are more experienced and have a better flow in their game. They win the set 25 – 13.

Third set

DCU wins the third and final set. Griffith manage to set many nice serves and keep the ball running for some time. However DCU are all and all better and win the set 25-10.




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