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Griffith College Dubin Naija Forum

This is to announce the launch of Griffith College Dubin Naija Forum, the group is for both Nigerians and international students of other nationalities who were or are current students of Griffith College Dublin. Here we can share views, opinions, opportunities and keep in touch with each other on the latest news developments.

The grouped was born out of the desire of a visionary in the person of Agu Chukwuebuka Uchenna a student of M.A Journalism and Public Relation, Griffith College Dublin. In an interview with The Circular Uchenna was asked the reason why he created the Griffith College Dubin Naija Forum, he said the main reason stems from the growing number on Nigerians and student of African descent In the college and Ireland as a whole.

The Facebook group is to serve as a means of connectedness more especially in the aftermath of graduation. Uchenna noted that majority of these international students are masters students whose studentship have a maximum span of 18months, making it too little a time to connect everyone. With the Griffith College Dubin Naija Forum, the sense of belongingness is achieved.

Also reiterating on the issue of the Novel Corona Virus which has limited the interaction with these students, the effect of this is even more severe on the new student that came in January 2020, since many of them are still trying to settle down psychologically, physically and financially before the announcement of the lockdown.  Therefore, Uchenna urges any Griffith student that falls under any of these categories to kindly join this new community of like-minded individuals and cheer ideas, find belongingness, share information on post-graduate opportunities and become one big family.



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