Griff FM’s Radio Gaga chat to Andy Quirke, star of RTÉ 2’s hit show Damo & Ivor

Damo and Ivor
Damo and Ivor

Introducing Griff FM’s Radio Gaga Show

The Radio Gaga Show is the brainchild of five MA Journalism and Media Communication students.

It is an Arts and Light Entertainment show which caters for the needs of its listeners who are predominantly found on the college campus and the Dublin 8 area.

The programmed aired at 2pm on Thursday, 24th October. and offers its listeners light enterainment on a myriad of topics.

This week the show was centered on Halloween – find out what’s happening in the Dublin area this Halloween, and why not take a listen to psychic medium, reiki master, and author of ‘Secrets of an Irish Mystic’ Teresa Collins, who is a guest speaker at the 13th World Ghost Convention in Cork on October 25th. And finally, listen to our favourite TV star talk of his roaring success of the hit TV show which airs on Monday nights on RTÉ 2 – Damo and Ivor…. Writer and Star of the show, Andy Quirke joined us live on air for a chat!

The show’s presenters are Aoife Carton and Grace Cooney.

Producer/Researcher: Tara Cunningham

Researcher/Technical Expert: Amy Forde

Researcher/Techy: Menngjuan Xu

Griff FM’s Radio Gaga by cunnint

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