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GRAFTON IN TUNE “The Buskers of Grafton Street”

A radio documentary about the artists that make the soundtrack of Dublin’s most famous street.

Buskers playing on Grafton Street
Credits: Luana Matos

Buskers can be found in many countries. They play/act in public places and expect to earn money from the pedestrians passing by. But would this be the only reason that they are playing on the street? In this documentary, I will talk to some of the main buskers of Grafton street and try to understand why they are out there facing the weather changes (typical in Ireland) and maybe not earning more than few pennies after a long day performing on the streets.

Credits: Luana Matos

Join me in this journey from the top to the bottom of Grafton Street. A fascinating mix of culture, different sounds, interesting characters, makes Grafton Street not only a tourist attraction but an enjoyable place to walk through on your way to work, when you go for shopping or simply on a day off.

“Grafton in Tune” 
Radio documentary by Luana Matos
Featuring: Guto Piazza, Tito Larios, Pedro Jobim, Aukita and Hanna, Su Deneem, Jacob Koopman, Allie Sherlock, Frank Banjo

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