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Gormleys Fine Art exhibition: from Dali to Banksy

Gormleys Fine Art gallery, Dublin2 ©Léopoldine Iribarren

Since April 12th for almost a month, the gallery Gormleys Fine Art welcomes the “Contemporary and Modern Masters”: works from most of the highest renowned artists from all times.

Banksy art – Gormleys Fine Art gallery, Dublin2 ©Léopoldine Iribarren

Valued by its clients, Gormleys Fine Art specialises in International and Irish contemporary art, from established as well as emerging artists.

Oliver Gormley is the gallery manager and owner of the place. He chose to expose works from some of the world’s most famous artists from Modern Art, Pop Art, Street Art and Urban art.

Nobody in Dublin was doing this sort of work and nobody ever specialised in this before” he explains.

In the spotlight: pieces of art from the 1900’s until now from Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Banksy as well as Rob Lichtenstein as examples.

Artists such as Banksy are very prominent in Ireland. For this reasons we thought it was better to give a mix to get a feel for what people liked.

Importance of art in the Irish culture

Art has always been important for Irish people. But in the past people weren’t really keen to buy Irish art, they never really look at it. But the world is changing and Irish artists have more visibility. It’s only when you put it in front of people that they would like it. For people to buy a piece of art, they have to see it first. Before they had to go to London to see them but now they come here” affirms Oliver Gormley. I have also been visiting various art galleries in the UK (I found a great list at and they really are incredible, so I very much recommend visiting these art galleries.

Two galleries in Dublin and Belfast only

According to Oliver Gormley, collectors are not enough to justify creating other galleries across Ireland. “Being in Dublin and Belfast is getting lots of international people and some would actually fly in here to look at a piece. People go to Cork or Galway in holidays only. A serious buyer will travel up to Dublin to look at the piece he is interested in because everybody is in Dublin or Belfast in some stage.”

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