Goodbye Grass!

Box of vegetables
Photographer Jill Wellington/JillWellington, taken from Pixabay.

An interview with Architect and gardening enthusiast, Andrew McAllister in Phibsborough, North County Dublin.

“I always wanted this garden to be a productive garden, but with Covid, I ended up having a lot of spare time, so it became a project,” Andrew McAllister.

Is it time to ditch the grass and trade it in for your own vegetable patch? Time to swap the lawn mower for a pair of gardening gloves and trimmers? According to Andrew McAllister, grass is out and maintaining your own vegetable patch is in. A year into his new found love for gardening and over 30 different types of plants trialled, Andrew has found his feet in the world of gardening and is bursting with pride whilst discussing the past year, everything he’s learned along the way and the rewards attached with watching your garden evolve and grow.

He gave some excellent tips and advice learned from over the past year which we have listed for you below. To hear Andrew go through them while detailing his experience in maintaining and nurturing the vegetable patch, just watch the video linked above.

Photo credit – Wolfgang Eckert, also known as Anaterate, Pixabay.

Andrew’s top tips on maintaining a vegetable patch:

  1. Avoid going over board and choose a manageable amount of vegetables to maintain.
  2. Ensure you have the time to nurture this project before beginning.
  3. Remember to enjoy it. Gardening can be very therapeutic.

Despite having one year of experience in this area, Andrew is still considered an amateur. For expert advice, Click Here! You’ll also find an option to submit inquiries for gardening advice, which is useful for anyone starting out.

You can also head over to for expert advice on starting your own vegetable patch.

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