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Golden Mic Contest – Who’s the Best Rapper ?

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The Golden Mic Awards is a grouping aiming at electing the best french-speaking rapper out there. The group now counts more than 50 people who have been battling for over a week now over their favorite artists. Memes, videos, made up arguments, blackmail… everything is accepted when it’s about rooting for your artist.

If you want to join click here.

Here it is, the ladder with the name of the 32 finalists (see above), who are going to compete until the end of lockdown! The graph was created randomly of course, in order to avoid bias.

If you don’t know anything about french rap, this group might be a chance to discover what urban art has to offer across the Channel, and if you do then it’s time to make sure your favorite artist makes it to the final!

The group now has more than 50 people, voting for their favorite artists, the competition started a week ago and already big names have been disqualified….

The second round is starting soon! Tune in to vote for your favorite.

Today’s match is none the less than Lomepal, the PARISIAN rapper known for his lyrics and melodic rap against the southern-born, who has more than a thousand song at his active, JUL:



Two extremely different styles, rap nowadays has so much sub-genre, and competitions like that help discovering what’s out there, whether you want to make sure people are voting for your favorite artist, or simply want to discover new music, the group is free to join!

The integrality of artists can be found on the graph up top, final will be on May 11th!

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