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Girls With Goals

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Girls With Goals.

This week The Circular got a chance to go to a viewing of a live podcast called ‘Girls With Goals‘ at Griffith College which is hosted by a journalist Niamh Maher. The podcasts format follows a simple style of bringing on guests and answering Twitter questions.


An example of a Tweet

The podcasts tackles a lot of questions people would be nervous to ask e.g. Sexual/dating/life advice. So it’s very interesting to listen to no matter what gender you are. The live aspect of the podcast was unique due to audience members laughing to some bizarre comments which I think motivates the guest speakers more with interaction from the audience which overall lifts the mood.

Girls with Goals, Photo was taken by Rose Ugoalah

The guests in podcasts feature a mix of female comedians, makeup artists, sex show owners, social media influencers so it has a wide range for everyone. Sadly the live podcast hasn’t been uploaded to SoundCloud yet but should be there soon, so I highly recommend everyone check it out and listening to the advice and the laughs from the crowd.

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