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Gigonometry Dublin – or how to showcase new talents

Cat Dowling Gigonometry - Credits : Vrijrein nl

How and where upcoming artists are showcased in the Irish musical industry? From buskers to legends, the artists all go through the emerging artist phase. There’s a lot in Dublin and in Ireland in general and it’s tough for them to break through. Because of this difficulty, some people from the industry have decided to help them. That’s what Dave Conway is doing with Gigonometry, a series of monthly musical events showcasing emerging Irish artists.

Dave Conway – Credit: Kristina Hajdu Photography

Dave Conway is a musician, manager, trainer, coach and business consultant based in Dublin. Let’s just say that he knows what music is. He founded Gigonometry in 2009 based on the motto ‘Where lovers of live music’ meet. The organisation was a mean for people to go to gigs and meet people who had the same love for music. Something that has never been done before. Gigonometry was using the platform at the time and grown over 3500 members.

Then, Gigonometry started its own series of shows called « Gigonometry Presents… », currently running at the Workmans Club since 2014. Because of its huge success, Dave decided to create « Gigonometry Rewind », which happens every second month at The Underground venue in Dublin as well. The concept is that 3 acts who played the previous monthly showcase play again during this night of music.

Kevyn band singer during Gigognometry gig – Credit :

A Gigonometry event is simple : a few bands play, some you know maybe, some you don’t know. The good thing of the Gigonometry gigs is that even if there’s a good crowd, it’s always gonna be more intimate than other gigs. Dave is always open for a chat and because of this friendly and cool atmosphere you can also bump into the artists and have a chat about music and stuff. This is supposed to be the process of every musical event : a space to meet and share the love of music with anybody, no barrier.

There are of course other events showcasing Irish emerging artists in Dublin such as The Hard Working Class Heroes Festival which happens every year, but there’s only one happening monthly : Gigonometry. In this tough industry, this is such a great opportunity for the bands to share their new music with the audience, but also for the public to discover new artists.

Something which was created first for people to meet around their common love, music, became quickly an help, a crucial gear of the monstrous music industry machine.


The next Gigonometry event is on March 8th, at the Workmans Club Dublin. Get more info here.

If you want to know more about it and immerse yourself more in Gigonometry before going, read a Gigonometry event review here.


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