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Ghouls, ghosts and geography: Spooky stories from around the world

Photo by Joonas kääriäinen from Pexels

Everyone has a spooky story. Sometimes they are about a strange event that happened to them, sometimes odd occurrences that happened to a family member of close friend. Sometimes they have a slew of stories they can tell you about living in a haunted house, or the creepy woods in their hometown.

If you get a couple of people in a room and someone tells a ‘ghost story’ the chances are whoever has listened to the story will chime in with a supernatural tale of their own.

Recently I visited my boyfriend’s family and after some dinner and a few glasses of wine someone told a story about seeing a woman standing at the foot of their bed as a child. As it turned out their sister, who shared a room with them, had seen the same figure on the same night. As soon as the story was finished someone else told a story about seeing a strange white orb follow them in a forest one night. Someone even told a story about playing with a Ouija board where the planchette flew angrily off the board and hit the wall.

We told story after story and it got me thinking about how ghost stories differ from culture to culture.

I have my own strange story and thought it would be interesting to get two ghost stories from different parts of the world every week and see what kind of weird things people have experienced.

For my first episode I was joined by Eamonn O’Neill, co-host of Monster Fuzz podcast, a show about cryptids (an animal whose existence science can’t prove), monsters, folklore, ghosts and liminal places.

We both share our creepy encounters with the other side.

So if you like to be a little bit freaked out click the link below and listen to the first episode of Spooky Stories!

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