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Ghosts of Dublin’s past – 5 of Dublin’s most haunted locations listed

Image by Sandy Flowers from Pixabay

Dublin is home to some of the most beautiful locations and tourist attractions in Ireland. People come to visit from all across the globe to taste some of the best food and drink in the most fantastic pubs around. Thousands of tourists walk the historic streets of our great capital every day but do they know the scary stories that lie within the old stone walls and cobbled streets? Here at The Circular, we list some of the most haunted locations in Dublin. Read at your peril

5. Jervis Shopping Centre

In 1996 the Jervis shopping Centre was opened to the public. But many people do not know that the shopping center was built on the grounds of a 200-year-old hospital that closed in 1987. The hospital was established in 1718 as the Charitable Infirmary by 6 surgeons to aid Dublin’s sick. The location over the years has been suggested to be home to multiple occurrences of paranormal activity, particularly where the Tesco supermarket is situated which is said to be the old hospital’s morgue. Many have suggested that female voices have been heard in the shopping center singing lullabies. Others have said that babies can be heard crying in different store stockrooms. One chilling story has claimed that a ghost of a female night nurse has been sighted in a long gray dress and a nurse’s hat. The belief is that the woman was a nurse for the children’s ward when a child died on her watch one night. Many have said that the nurse was so upset that the spirit returned to the Center even after the hospital had long since gone to monitor the younger patients. Remember to keep your eyes peeled next time you visit the Jervis shopping center. 

4. The Shelbourne Hotel

The Shelbourne Hotel is one of Dublin’s most affluent hotels, However other than it being famous for employing Adolf Hitler’s brother Alois Hitler in 1909 as a waiter, Many have suggested that it may be haunted. Numerous people have reported mysterious things happening when staying in the hotel. some examples are spine-tingling like turning on taps, slamming doors, and even glimpses of a mischievous young girl sitting at the end of a guest’s bed. Hollywood actress Lilly Collins suggested on the Jimmy Fallon show that she had seen the little girl in her hotel room in 2013. It was claimed by British Occult author and psychic Sybil Leek that the spirit is of a 7-year-old girl Mary Masters. Mary died of cholera in 1741 near the location and it is said that her ghost wanders the 5th floor of the hotel. Spooky.

Image by Trevor McNally from Pixabay

3. Glasnevin Cemetry

Glasnevin Cemetery is considered an infamous location in Irish history. The cemetery was opened in 1832 and is Ireland’s largest burial plot. The reason the area is considered so notorious is because it holds the graves of many of Ireland’s elusive historical figures including former Taoiseach Eamon De Valera, Irish Revolutionary Michael Collins, and Musician Luke Kelly. However, What many people might not know is the graveyard has been suggested to be cursed by a Newfoundland dog. The dog owner Captain John McNeil died on a voyage in 1861. Once Captain McNeil was buried it is said that the Dog starved to death because he refused to leave his owner’s grave. The dog’s spirit is said to roam free around the cemetery regularly seen at his master’s graveyard before quickly vanishing.

Image by Akhil Paul from Pixabay
Photo by Daniel Bendig from Pexels
Image by Daniel Bendig from Pexels

2. Saint Michans Church

Saint Michans Church is situated in Dublin 7 Church St, North of the river Liffey. The Building is built on the grounds of an old Norse chapel and is said to be over 1000 years old, the Chapel operated as a catholic church until the Reformation. The current structure dates from 1695 and serves the church of Ireland religion. The church holds much historical relevancy including musician Handel composing the musical piece Messiah in 1724, However, the frightening discovery that was found in the basement of this chapel is why it is so remembered. It was discovered in the chilling and dark vaults several caskets that contained 4 mummified remains, The Crusader an extremely tall man believed to be involved in the 1204 sack of Constantinople. The next discovery was the mummified remains of a nun and of a thief discovered with missing hands and feet the last discovery’s identity still to this day remains unknown. This eerie story of Dublin’s past inspired Irish author Bram Stoker to write the infamous horror character Dracula.

1. The Hellfire Club

At the top of Montpelier Hill lies the most ominous and haunted location in Dublin, The Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club is an old hunting lodge dating back to the 18th century. This was a meeting place for young wealthy men who believed in satanic worship, Men from the neighboring area would assemble at this location to have demonic parties. The young Satanist would drink into the late hours and play cards. Many stories from this terrifying club have been infamous in Irish Folklore. The horrifying stories include the Hellfire club members playing cards with the devil, Legend has it that one day the men were joined by a stranger to play a game of cards. Halfway through the game one of the player’s cards dropped on the floor, when the man went to pick up his card the man saw that the stranger had cloven hooves instead of feet. Eerie. Other haunted stories that happened at the hellfire club include the men burning a servant to death, and a Catholic priest exorcising a cat. A truly petrifying location. 

Image by elHelfer from Pixabay

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