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Get to know rising artist David Grey

The Circular came across a soulful rendition of Purpose by Justin Bieber by a young Nigerian artist known as David Grey and we had to snag an interview with this budding artist. ;

Video Credit: David Grey and Author

The 23 year old singer-songwriter was kind enough to talks to The Circular about his journey to into the Nigerian music scene.

Can you tell readers about you?

My name is Obiala David Chibuike. My stage is David Grey, I am from Imo state, Nigeria and I currently live in the United States.

What do you do?

 I create music, I am a Singer, A writer, An Actor, I am an artist, I am a Dancer, I speak. 

Where does the desire to put yourself out there come from?

It started from the first time I entered a music studio, a session was going on and I was singing adlibs and back up vocals to myself, the artist heard me, he loved what he heard and pleaded that I sing on his song. That was the first time I ever recorded music. It then grew on me, more music-related activities came my way and I was in. I made a couple of my own songs, performed them for the first time, the reception was amazing. 
The major shift happened when I got into university, music became a part of me, then I made the Afro-pop/ highlife song “Do My Dance” things turned around from then.

Did you have any musical background or training before then?

I sang the ears off mum as a kid and even up till this day.  In secondary school, I played the snare drums in the band and became the band leader. When we played everybody danced and it was always fun and joy. 
Girls always loved to hear me sing.  I also listened to music a lot, not only did I listen, I felt the music. Now that is a different ball game.

What or who inspires you to sing?

My inspiration comes from everywhere, but I will say “Love and Life”.
“Everyone” inspires me, different people trigger my inspiration to Create something, keep in mind it can be Positive and it can be Negative, like, Heart Break Songs.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I taught myself how to play the guitar. I picked it up in school. I used to play on only one string and I made beautiful melodies from it and I only got better, I enjoy playing, so all the pain on my fingers from playing didn’t stop me. 
Truth is you stick to the things that you see results no matter what.

Do you have a creative process?

My creative process comes in different ways, it starts with a feeling of sensation, then I interpret that feeling in real time to what it sounds like, where the feeling is coming from, then complimenting it with accompanying sounds, at this point, it should be heading somewhere beautiful.

What would you say is your favorite and least favorite part of making music?

It is definitely in the creation part when the music is taking its form, from the percussions to the chords, the bass. I love when the sound comes alive, turning almost nothing into something magical.
As for my least favorite part, just as there are perfect times, there have been times a producer does not get the sound I want. It is frustrating, but hey, get up and move on, start something new.

What would be your advice to anyone who wants to go into music?

Find you, Be you, Believe in yourself, Treat everyone with love and respect, Do what is right, Be Grateful and Keep GOD First.

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