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Get involved in Ireland’s newly found obsession

Sea Swimming is quickly becoming Ireland's new obsession. Photo Credits: Rory Corbett

For all the damage, stress and heartbreak the pandemic brought into our lives, the new ways in which many people have been trying their best to take some enjoyment out of day to day life will always bring a smile to our faces in years to come. For many in Ireland, sea swimming offered that uplifting escape that had been taken away.

Having exploded in popularity in Ireland last summer the trend has continued on even through the winter as air and water temperatures plummeted. Coastal locations nationwide have continued to consistently lure an enthusiastic mix of individuals, some excited, some nervous and most both, waiting to take a dip.

sea swimming can offer both a physical and mental health boost, strengthening our immune systems and sending serotonin levels flying. The cold, salt water activates the body’s healing mechanisms and which have profound positive effects on conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and general aches and pains.

It comes as no surprise then sea swimmers would only jump at the opportunity to share their love of the sea with others. Online groups such as Dublin Sea Swimming and Leinster Open Sea Swimming on facebook have thousands of members, with thousands more belonging to countless WhatsApp groups of people who like to swim in the same beautiful areas around the country such as the forty foot, Sea point, Sandycove, Salt Hill in Galway, and both the Guillamene and Dunmore East in Waterford.  

The Instagram account Time for a dip, is a new community that allows passionate sea swimmers to share their pictures and experiences of swimming around the country, promoting all the greatest locations and the healthy mindset that comes with it.

To get involved int he fun followers can submit their content for posting on the main feed or alternatively, they can tag the account in their own pictures or stories and use the #timeforadip.

To follow Time for a dip on instagram click here .

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