The Generation of ‘Shift & Drift’ : Is romance Dead?

Shift & Drift

The generation of ‘Shift & drift‘ will understand the difficulty of finding romance. The 90’s Babies will relate to this one.

Shift & Drift
Shift & Drift

The Teenage Disco- When you were 15 or 16 getting ready with your friends to go drinking in a ditch somewhere before you head off to the local disco was a cool thing back in my secondary school days.
The teenage disco was usually the place you lost your ‘fridginity’ (meaning your first shift). If you had never shifted (kissed)anyone then you were labelled a ‘fridgit’. We are a strange bunch for our terms.
The teenage disco was the place to do this. Your friends would run up to your crush and say the magic phrase
“Will you shift my friend?”
And then all of a sudden, you would be stuck in a, what felt like a washing machine,shift. All thanks to your friend Mary for asking.

If you were really lucky back then, you might even exchange numbers so you could meet up at the cinema or local pitch for more washing machine action.

There was no real romance. No “I love you” or any of that sort of thing. Just “you’re a ride” or “your quare fine”.
The ‘drift’ of ‘Shift & drift’ was the ability to drift around the disco hall from person to person , shifting as many as you can, so you could brag about it in school the following week.

I didn’t realise how bad our generation was at romance and committing to each other until I grew up and dated in my late teens to 20’s. This is when I realised that men still wanted to ‘Shift & drift’ because that was all they ever knew.
People were Afraid to get attached in case they got hurt. Drifting from one person to the next, seemed easier as there was no expectations or disappointments.

I started to realise that boys I was texting or seeing , had ten other girls to see and text. Romance was Dead.
I finally found love and romance once I started dating someone 3 years older than me.

He was past his ‘Shift & Drift’ phase. He grew out of it. That is when romance kicked in. Romantic Dates, dinners, movie nights and fun adventures. It wasn’t just about meeting in nightclubs for a shift anymore! It was a mature relationship with meaning.

I think for those stuck in the ‘Shift & drift’ phase, it’s time to move on people! Romance is cool again.

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