General increase in animal cruelty in Ireland

Gillian Bird  at the DSPCA is concerned about the increasing number of animal cruelty cases in Ireland

After the recession in Ireland the people at the DSPCA saw an increase in pets becoming unwanted.  Gillian Bird who is head of education and media at the DSPCA  says that they have noticed  a general increase in animal cruelty cases, but points out that there has been a general increase long before the recession.

– It is hard to know the exact numbers of animal cruelty, as many cases goes unreported, Bird says. We do not have the resources to drive around Dublin in search of injured or neglected animals, so we do rely on the public to call us if they see a case of cruelty – and before it is too late.

Please watch the documentary and hear what Bird and volunteer co-ordinator Barbara O´Neill has to say about their experience with animal cruelty.


On the positive side the people at the DSPCA have also seen in increase in people wanting to adopt an animal.
– After Ireland´s recession we have seen an increase in people coming to visit our animal shelter, and wanting to adopt an animal.

– Many people lost their jobs after the recession, and with maybe only one parent working they will have more time to take on an animal. Perhaps they have children and they want to treat them with a pet instead of a more expensive vacation.

Gillian Bird says they are very conscious when people are adopting an animal, this to make sure that when an animal is re-homed it will be for life.

– Education is the key! We hope that we have provided the people who are adopting an animal with the right information about the responsibility of taking care of a pet. When people are adopting an animal our hope is that it will be for life.

For more information about adopting a pet from the DSPCA, please visit their website.

There are several animal rescue centers in Ireland who also provide the option of adoption a dag, cat or any other rescued animal. If you want more information about them you will find links to some of shelters below:

Wicklow animal sanctuary

Limerick animal welfare

Cork Society for Prevention of animal cruelty

East Galway Animal Rescue

Wexford SPCA

Kildare Animal Foundation


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