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Gender equality in a relationship: A myth?

photocredit: photosteve101 (flickr)

Have you ever wondered if there is equality in relationships? Are men naturally dominant? Are women naturally submissive?

In our life right now someone you know is either in a relationship or about to get into one? Or you are either in a relationship or about to get in one, either way people around us are in a relationship. But is there really no equality in relationships?

photocredit: cherrysweetdeal (flickr)

According to a twitter user @kelvinodanz who has over ten thousand followers, he tweeted that “Gender equality in relationships is a mirage, a myth and men are, by default the dominant gender”. He further wrote that “it is not a social construct. It is a biological, neurological, physiological, psychological evolutionary ‘fact’ ”. Adding that “denialism/ deflection helps no one”. in which case we should all come to terms with this fact. This tweet has however been retweeted over a thousand times.

Further explaining about dominance, he wrote that agreeableness is one of the characteristics that makes it easier for one gender to dominate another gender. Regardless of the type of relationship, using the relationship between lesbian and gay couples as an example, he says there is always the dominant partner.

He however explained that one shouldn’t mistaken ‘abusive dominance’ with ‘masculinity’ as dominance in this modern era should mean “prudent leadership in relationship” and it requires “competence, strength, resolve, assertiveness and empathy”. A man who exhibits these characters according to @kelvinodanz tends to have a thriving family and he’s loved, applauded and appreciated and a man who is abusive is bad for the relationship and society and he’s a terrible leader.

“how men perform in their role is what really matters and it is something ,men should be committed to- being competent , effective leaders for their partners and their family” according to kelvin.

Please leave your comments below and let’s know your thoughts on this matter.

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