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Gender Education

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Gender education is one of the main tools that is used in educating people on various genders. There exists gender inequality, imbalances and disparity at several sectors of the society. Gender education as a tool for understanding gendered models in social construction needs to be discussed.

This which brought about the creation of a twitter group which is concerned with gender education. A twitter community which is dedicated to coming together and discussing issues concerned with gender.

The UNICEF data shows that there exist gender disparities in schools in Africa and Asia and there needs to be gender balances in access to education and also at workplaces.

Photo by Fauxels from Pexels.



A twitter group was created by me in order to encourage discourse on the female gender. It is a community of men and women who come together to discuss issues that are concerned with gender. It is a protected twitter community group and it is designed to protect members of the community.

The community is also an avenue for people to come together and learn from one another. It also aims at members of the community helping to educate their society on gender. The community also accepts people who wish to point out a loophole or who wish to critically analysis certain issues around the discourse.

Kindly check the embedded YouTube video which shows Elizabeth Wolfson speaking on Equity and Gender Education.



The community encourages academic scholars, women activist, feminists and people who are interested in gender education. The people who can join are people who are willing to respect the rights and privacy of other members of the community. If you love the discourse and wish to educate your families and friends on gender, then you are free to join the community.



  • To join the community, you will need to comment down below your twitter username.
  • Thereafter you will get a notification invite to join a twitter list.
  • The twitter list invite is sent out in other to know people who are willing.
  • Thereafter, you will be followed by the twitter group and then later asked to follow back. You will need to follow back because the twitter group is private.
  • Once you follow back, you will be asked if you just want to learn from the group, or you will love to also be contributor.
  • If you want to just learn from the group, you will not be made a contributor.
  • If you want to learn and contribute to the group, you will be added as a contributor.



The topics that are discussed in the group are based on gender education, the future of gender education and the impacts of gender education in the society. Topics such as sexuality, the girl-child, sexual consent, gender equality, gender disparity, issues that the female gender are faced with the society.

The community is not just limited to the female discourse, it also discuss topics that are related to men, especially marginalised men in the society. Men who are shunned by the society because of their disabilities. This is also discussed and how the society can help to accept these men.

The topics are tackled logically and objectively. This is to avoid upsetting people or being biased to other members of the society. In order to create a peaceful learning environment, anyone who upset other members of the group will be blocked from the group. It is also to protect the members of the community. As a result, the topics will be discussed objectively and members of the society will state their opinions respectfully.

The group also discuss on the necessary educational polices and gender mainstreamed policies that will allow girls and boys to understand the issues with societal models which assigns gendered defined roles. It will also discuss how people should better understand how these models have shaped relationships, career paths and life decisions.

Topics that are concerned with curriculums and the education system in relation to gender education will also be discussed.


  • No vulgar words is allowed in the community. We love a more matured community where people learn and share knowledge.
  • Respect of people’s views.
  • Respect people’s privacy and not screenshot and share people’s opinions without their consent.
  • Retweeting is disabled for the group, in other to allow for people to only tweet their opinion and not other people’s opinion.
  • Respect people and do not put people down in the community.
  • Appreciate people’s opinion by leaving nice comments that will encourage better participation.

In conclusion, people are encouraged to join the community. The group is really concerned about the welfare of its members, however it is an avenue to be educated and to educate people as well.

If you will love to join the community, Kindly leave a comment below. I look forward to welcome you to the community.

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