Gay marriage an old idea?

Sébastien Lifshitz reveals the amateur pictures which inspired his documentary. The couples, recognized or staged, tell another story of the homosexuality.
For the first time, he reveals its personal collection of amateur shots, which inspired its movie. They are “proven homosexual couples or staged,” 1900s to the 70s. The couples parade in a lascivious, funny or unexpected way…

“They have 70, 80, 90 years … They are gay and in love or looking for love. Facing the camera, they say. In the end, the documentary “Invisible” by Sébastien Lifshitz is clear, unpretentious, clearly upsetting. Director, to whom we owe already “Wild Side” and “Plein Sud” poses thick photo albums on the table:”


“Everything started from there …”

“When I found these pictures in flea markets, I was seized. The official history of the homosexuality has always developed a victim thesis: those lives we have always been told the side of the suffering, struggle, loss, suicide … these lives were depict with suffering, fight, impossibility or suicide.
At the same time, I found these images of all ages, and noticed that the couples looked happy.
Simply happy. There was an expression of an incredible freedom. I thought it was insane under the official history.”

“The Invisibles” is born of these issues. I made a kind of hypothesis: maybe in fact, the great majority of the homosexuals have been able to negotiate something with themselves, their environment, family, work and society as a whole, either by the discretion, or by a form of invisibility, which help them to live. It was a hypothesis.
I was not sure but that’s what these pictures told me: these lives had been possible with more freedom and perhaps more self-fulfillment than we imagine, even if obviously, it is not a question of erasing the sufferings and all the repressive laws which has really existed.”
But the movie  Invisible does not politicize the love stories. Only archives images come to call back the past fights. No thesis, no proselytism, the movie takes root somewhere else.


You can find all the details of the documentary on the web site below :

Gay marriage an old project?

“I found pictures with fictive marriages of people of the same sex. During the 20s, it is clear that these are fictive marriages but that these women needed to organize a ceremony with their families, to formalize a love and claim an union almost publicly.
Over the testimony, “The Invisibles” shape a speech on self-liberation and beyond the borders of the gay community by asking a key question: How to be happy in spite of social constraints?

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