The Gallery of Photography – A Photographer’s Haven

Gallery of Photography
Gallery of Photography: Photo credit – Anne Marie Whelan

The Gallery of Photography was set up in 1978 by John Osman.  It is located in the Temple Bar area, in Dublin’s city centre.   The Gallery is the national centre for contemporary photography in Ireland and is a not-for-profit organization, supported by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.  It  has an extensive collection of photography exhibitions on their website, which date back as far as 1985.  The gallery’s current exhibition is called Union and is by Noel Bowler.  This series of photographs looks at organised labour spaces:

The gallery has a range of photography courses to suit the amateur or professional photographer.  It also has a book shop, which is run by a team of helpful staff, which includes Darragh Shanahan, who has been with the gallery for 16 years:

Darragh Shanahan: Photo credit – Anne Marie Whelan

Gallery of Photography is a haven for all photography enthusiasts, with its’ stylish exhibition areas and its’ intimate and quaint photography book shop:

Book – tastic! Photo credit – Anne Marie Whelan
 And, if you would like to take away a small souvenir from your visit to the Gallery of Photography, you can buy a postcard:
A little souvenir; Photo credit – Anne Marie Whelan

Here is a video about the gallery:

For further information about this little gem of a gallery, please go to Gallery of Photography.

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