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Gadgets facilitating educational improvement in 21st century

Photo by Antonio Shkraba for Pexels

Technological advancement has contributed new and fantastic educative gadgets in learning at all levels of education. The peak of innovation started in the year 2000 and since then technology has been improving till date.

The trend is moving on a high on a daily basis, and scientists are not relenting in their efforts to make life easier.

Photo by Pixabay for Pexels

The number of advancements since the year 2000 is massive and has opened the door to more and more innovations. The milestone is quite large but has been gathering momentum for quite an age.

These gadgets developed for educational improvement are effective and beneficial to education, thus making learning more interesting and fun for all students.

Photo by Tima Miroshinichenk for Pexels

Some of these gadgets facilitating learning are increasing by the day and they are as follows:

Interactive digital board

This is invented to replace the blackboard, it is a smart board, that makes learning easier and it gives room for the displaying of unlimited learning resources on a digital screen.  This has made learning more engaging and interesting for students because it brings all materials to reality. It also gives room for lesson reviews and reduces the cost of learning.

Video by YouTube, on how interactive board is used in class, by students and teachers.


The tablet is suitable for learning, it aids numeracy and makes learning easier. it can be used by two or more students to work collaboratively. It is mostly designed as a touch screen that encourages flexibility of a zoom in and zooms out objects. Some apps can be installed on iPad to make learning more interesting for students. Some of these apps help students to improve their mathematics and spelling and learning skills. It can be used in completing their homework with ease. And encourages research, broadens their scope of learning, and develops their skills intellectually.

Video from YouTube for Vivien showing how to use tablet for learning


Projectors used in the classroom helps to bring learning to reality, it is used with video to project image for learning on the interactive board. It serves as a teaching tool that aids understanding with the use of visual elements for students.

Below is a video showing how an interactive class in progress, using an interactive board. The interactive board in use by teachers and students, to make lectures more engaging.

Video from YouTube for computer history museum on how projectors are used in classroom.

There are also some smart EdTech apps that create an avenue for teachers to monitor students’ performance. These apps can be utilize by educators and students are:

All these apps help to make learning more interactive. And makes it easy to track students’ performance. It also gives room to store teaching curriculum, that works even when offline. Teachers can as well teach remotely, while students can access their lessons at any time.

This is a video that shows the EdTech app as it is used in India, this can be encouraged in schools to make learning interesting, teaching more flexible. and at the same time tracking students records.

Video from YouTube for lead way describing the an app as it is being used by teachers, students and parents.

All gadgets developed for educational purposes, have make education an interesting sector. And development must not be remain in the developed countries, the underdeveloped and developing countries should also be a partaker of this great experience.

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12 Responses

  1. Tech gadgets as means of learning in schools has been constructive and destructive. Constructive in aiding fast learning. Destructive in being a distraction

  2. Tech gadgets has aided faster and easier learning following the world’s technological advancement, which is encouraging.
    Nevertheless, it appears to promote laziness and impairs critical thinking both from students and teachers when using established apps for problem solving.

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