Fumbally- an organic adventure in industrial sorrundings

The space is very open, but still warm and welcoming. Photo: Mark Duggan

The first time I walked through the doors of this establishment I was amazed. I have been walking by this place some hundred times since I first moved to Dublin, but I had never notice that anything was happening behind the two tinted glass doors of Fumbally. But if you are wise enough to do so, you will be in for a big surprise.

You walk into a huge open space, maybe 4 metres from floor to ceiling, which gives it a very industrial look. But as your eyes wander around the room you start to notice a whole range of funny bits and pieces. All the tables look different, same with the cheers. Nothing match, but somehow everything does. Big raggedy sofa cheers, or small and short stools, the choice is yours.

It´s good to chill out at Fumbally Photo: Anita Bakk Henriksen
It´s good to chill out at Fumbally
Photo: Anita Bakk Henriksen

Their are not to many tables either, as the concept is to share your place with strangers. Not too shabby I would say.

Now on to the main thing about this establishment, the food. It´s no surprise that Fumbally has a more organic profile than most other cafes. On one og the main walls a variety of fruits and vegetables are lined up in old looking wooden crates, and gives the feel of a farmers marked.

It just looks so appealing, and will make any McDonald`s eating teenager take healthier choices (at least for one day)

To see Fumballys location, click here for map

The food looks very appealing on display for the coustomers Photo: Anita Bakk Henriksen
The food looks very appealing on display for the costumers
Photo: Anita Bakk Henriksen

The influences are middle eastern spices, meditteranean simplicity and the familiarity of great Irish produce.

Fumbally only use meat suppliers who give their animals the freedom to roam, their eggs are always free range and they also try to use as much organic and local produce as possible.

The food is also presented in such a nice way, and the cooks are not in the back hiding, but out in the open by the counter where the customers can watch as they prepare the dishes.

The menu is very simple, but with a lot of flavor. Just the simple avocado sandwich has fresh chilli which goes good with the tomato, on a piece of rustic bread. Other dishes are Ham and Eggs, Fumbally Eggs and a Porridge with toasted nuts and seeds and Wicklow honey.

The lunch menu is a feast of different flavors, and with soup, salad, falfel and daily specials there are truly something for everyone at Fumbally.

The last thing I want to mention is the staff. They are always smiling, extremely helpful and when the very talented barista called  me “darling” I was sold. As you may now understand, I recommend you to visit this establishment. It´s worth the trip.

There has already been a great response by the locals in the area. As one guest wrote about Fumbally;

“I have always wanted a cafe like this to open since I moved to this area in 1999. But there is no cafe ‘like’ Fumbally really, it’s unique, and the best in Dublin without doubt, easily on a par with places I’ve been to in Manhattan and London. Grazie mille!! Stay open. I’ll help as much as I can afford to eat there…. I LOVE FUMBALLY!” Paul

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Some of Fumballys Suppliers:

Gubbeen family


George the baker

Dublin Food Co-op


Dave, Steve & Darragh

James Lawlor – Butcher
Salter’s free range pork

Real Olive Co.

Wall & Keogh

Has Bean


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