Full Throttle Wrestling

As the Irish wrestling scene is getting bigger and better the shows are getting more violent and bloody.  There was a special over 18s wrestling show in Andrew’s lane theatre this Sunday, people can say what they like about pro wrestling being fake – but until you’ve seen a man get his head smashed open with a china teapot, you really can’t comment.

This show was compiled with wrestlers from all over the country beating each other senseless for our pleasure.  There were men dressed in drag attempting to fight in 6 inch heels, men dressed as priests and pimps and alcohol being poured over the crowd.

As a dedicated fan of going to watch half naked men – this show was by far one of the best.  By the final and main event match I was on the edge of my seat as the blood was gushing out of one mans head as the other created a mountain to throw him onto, consisting of a table, 2 chairs, 2 flouresent light bulbs and numerous thumb tacs.

The next show is on bank holiday Monday next and is one not to be misses.  It is in the moat theatre in Naas, which is one of the better wrestling venues as the tiered seating gives a better view for all.  If you wish to attend this show here is a link with all the details:


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