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Fruit Juice Intake Induces Obesity in Children

Eating whole fruit may help you consume fewer calories and lose weight over time. However, drinking fruit juice may have the opposite effect.

WHO noted that worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. According to NBCI, the consumption of either homemade or commercially produced fruit juice can result in higher obesity rate in children.

Obesity number according the World Health Organization (WHO)

The National Centre for Biotechnological Information in a research suggested that greater consumption of fruit juices on a regular basis by kids between 2–5 years on a regular is linked with a higher increase in BMI with age.

The research however, shown that regular consumption of simple sugar-rich fruit by adult attenuates obesity. People who take fruit regularly are less likely to suffer from obesity than others who do not. Fruit consumption is known to mitigate obesity-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Most fruit contain high amounts of dietary fiber and if consumed whole can reduce the feeling of hunger.

The consumption of fruit in different forms other than the natural form can increase calorific intake and eventually promote obesity. Hence, weight gain by consuming large amount of food products is an avoidable problem.

Fruit can be part of a healthy low-carb diet. Although, people who follow a low-carb ketogenic diet may want to avoid fruit though.

The research showed that fruit is healthy in almost any amount for the average person. There is really no reason to limit your intake unless you have an allergy or adopt a very low-carb or ketogenic diet.


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