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From Runway to Quarantine Challenge

Photo from Manifesto magazine

Runway fashion is not only about looking beautiful, it is an art and a statement. , which can be extraordinary and oftentimes never end up in boutiques. department stores nor in our wardrobes except if you are Lady gaga with a slight pinch of Cardi B.

In 2005 Viktor and Rolf released their ready-to-wear fall collection which had a variety of rather special appeals just like any runway collection we have seen. Among this collection was the ready to wear pillow dress which is gradually become a trend in 2020 due to the worldwide lockdown.

According to Teen Vogue, QuarantinePillowChallenge began on April 5, when users @styledbynelli and @myforteisfashion posted an image of themselves sporting a pink and blue pillow respectively. The duo clinched their pillows with a belt at the waist, paired them with the trendiest accessories, and then proceeded to challenge their followers to create their takes on this cosy trend. 

Comfy and classy was the look fo the ladies

The pillow challenge cuts across race, gender and even age as anyone with a pillow is free to jump in on the trend.

Step aside ladies the men have pillows too

The ladies might have started the trend with the men proving they too could rock their pillow dresses but when the littles cuties came to play we could clearly say the game was indeed over.

How cute are they?

From synchronised dance on social media platforms to games and now the pillow challenge. it’s definite that the song “Bored in the house” is expressing our collective thoughts and bringing out our creative sense and maybe a new sense and style of comfy fashion.

Who would have imagined that runaway designs which look slightly unrealistic to be worn outside but gorgeous on the runway models would be a trend many would like to jump in on now, or rather would you join in on this trend?


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