From Dublin City To Dublin Fairy Castle

Dublin is known as a major tourist destination and has reeled in travelers from all over the world. Places such as the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park, St. Stephens Green and the National Museum of Ireland.

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There is more Dublin has to offer and these are the great hiking trails and there is an abundance of great hiking trails to explore near Dublin like Howth Cliff Walk, Dublin Mountain Way, Ticknock Mountain amongst others. 

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Hikers have the opportunity to see Dublin from a different perspective.  If you live in Dublin and need to see the great outdoors and nature, there are many places to explore and these range from Dublin city walks, forest walks and hikes in the Dublin mountains, cliff trails and all within easy access of the city. 

Ticknock offers an amazing network of forest and mountain and offers a beautiful ancient ruin called “The Fairy Castle”. 

The Fairy Castle as it is known, sits at the top of Two Rock Mountain and has an approximate height of 536m. 

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The Fairy Castle is a large collection of rocks in the form of a pyramid. Another interesting thing about The Fairy Castle is that a tomb lies underneath and had a significant height of about 3 meters. The entrance of this tomb is described as “The Cave” has disappeared due to vegetation and peat.

This hiking spot is known as a great place to hike during summer evenings and whenever you need the exercise. During this early morning Saturday hike.

The Circular had the opportunity to interact with hikers, Including 70-year-old Irish man who has hiked every Saturday for the last 20 years and also had the opportunity to speak to Jonathan a Holistic Therapist who talked to us about his hiking experience to The Fairy Castle.

I and some friends hiked the Mountain, rainy, cold and windy. We walked up a route towards The Fairy Castle and of course got lost on the way there but a group of senior hikers who were in better shape than us gave us the right directions.

After dodging obstacle like sinkholes, large rocks, falling to your death and whining from a particular hiking buddy(who did not wear the proper shoes), we finally reached an ancient passage tomb and we were at the top of the mountain facing the Fairy Castle, it was made up of stones piled together in form of a pyramid. We enjoyed fresh clean air at the top of the mountain and had such a great time, laughs and exercise. It was a great company and a wonderful landscape.

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