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From Brazil to the world: Os Gêmeos, the graffiti artists.

Os Gêmeos (Portuguese for the twins) are a duo of graffiti Brazilian artists, born in 1974 in the city of São Paulo.

The identical twin brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo began their careers in the 1980s, with the encouragement of their family and influenced by the emerging Hip-Hop cultural scene in Brazil.

Together they explored the various techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture. The streets were always their object of study. Gradually they became one of the most influences on São Paulo city scene, helping to define a Brazilian style of graffiti.

Their work often features yellow-skinned characters; therefore it is easy to spot their art from distance. The themes approached by the brothers encompass from family portraits to social and political circumstances and it also includes Brazilian culture and folklore.

Over the years, the graffiti style created by the duo has surpassed the street for it is constantly evolving, gathering new references, using different graffiti alphabet letters, and being influenced by new cultures.

Silos – Vancouver, Canada –
World cup plane –
The day that didn`t fall –
The Giant of Boston –

Their combined visual language, improvisation and intuitive creativity have called the attention of the national and international public, which brought them to the spotlight in many places around the world. This facilitated the creation of a variety of projects in different countries.

The yellowish art has reached different countries, such as Cuba, Chile, United States, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Lithuania and Japan.

In many interviews, the brothers mentioned that they believe in the encounters and experiences that life provides, in its natural and delicate rhythm. This can be seen in their playful, creative and beautiful work.

To better understand the duo art, it is necessary to put the reason aside in order to give place to the imaginary, to grasp the subtleties and enjoy the experience that most of the times surpass the visual. See, feel and comprehend.

Vulica Brazil Festival –!/5858
Os Gemêos and Blu, Lisbon –

If you wish to know their work better, you can access their website or their youtube channel, where they have numerous videos telling about their creative process, showing inside the studio, giving interviews, and others.

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