Friends of The Elderly Ireland – An organization that works with the senior members

The oldest Boy Band, Photo credit -
The oldest Boy Band, Photo credit -

Friends of the Elderly is a Non Governmental Organization that works with the Elder members of the society. It reaches out to help and improve their quality of life by assigning volunteers who pay them house visits, there by offering companionship. They also provide friendly call service where volunteers attend calls from 11 to 4 pm. The aim is to provide support and help integrate them into the society by reaching out to them conducting events, workshops and activities that help them engage with other members and help foster positive relationships.

The oldest Boy Band, Photo credit -
The oldest Boy Band, Photo credit – Friends of the Elderly

Mary is involved in voluntary work with this organization I had a chat with her about the kind of work this organization does.  She says that this is a organization that runs on public support and his not government aided. The primary goal of this organization is to reach out to the aged members of the society and get them involved in the community and prevent them from having an isolated life. She says that all the Volunteers are Garda vetted and are rigorously trained to sensitize them and are adequately equipped in handling older citizens. These volunteers also reach out to ailing members in their home and give them company and a lending ear in the comfort of their homes. The organization also runs campaigns and events where by the members actively participate thus enables them to make friendships among other members and volunteers and develop  bonds that significantly impact them in a positive way. The volunteers are also trained in providing free friendly call service to shy or apprehensive members enabling them call and speak to volunteers in confidentiality.

Friends of the Elderly, Photo credit,
Friends of the Elderly, Photo credit, – 

Furthermore the organization also runs a charity shop in Bolton street to help fund its activities with the help of its volunteers. Mary volunteers here some days she says that her involvement with the organization is enriching and being an elder herself she is happy that such organization exist and functions towards the betterment of the senior citizens, some of them who would otherwise live in neglect.


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