Why French people are attracted by Ireland ?


Why there is so many French people in Dublin?! You may be notice a lot of French people are located in Dublin most of the time to work. In fact, over 8.000 French citizens were registred at the Consulate and the ambassy estimate around 20.000 French living in the island in 2014 but this number is still increasing.

In the history, we say that the General de Gaulle had strong links with Ireland, actually his grand mother Marie Angelique McCartan whose father came from Co.Down, thus de Gaulle had expressed an interest in the Irish culture and was visiting Ireland many times.

Even if Ireland is close to France and French loved this culture of the pub, there is many others reasons why Ireland attract French people!

Reason number 1: I will not learn you; French are the worst with the English language! To learn English, the best method is to take the plunge and go live abroad ! That’s why a lot of people are coming in Ireland after their study, to find a job; most of the time in restaurant because you don’t need a high level and there is a lot of opportunities in the touristic sector. Usually people can find in few days a job. Plus, to continue to improve, you should an international collocation and try to not come across any French, I agree it is difficult!
Decide to live abroad after your studies, will have an impact. It is definitely a career accelerator.
In fact, when you will be back, have sufficient fluency with the English language will be necessary to claim to a good position.

Reason number 2:  the salary! Yes, wages are much higher than in France and taxes are levied at the source. It is true that healthcare costs are less well repaid in Ireland than in France and cost of living are   practically the same than Paris. But even if you count this in your budget, wages are always more attractive in Ireland than in France. According to a comparison,  if you stay living in France you will make 13.56% less money.  I invit you to check this comparison, you will read funny facts!

Reason number 3: Ireland is a paradise for the company. In fact, companies pay fewer taxes in Ireland. This has the effect of attracting the large international groups that set up their European headquarters in Ireland. This is the case for the giants Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, Twitter. Also, a lot of French companies are in Dublin : like Smartbox who is hiring numerous young graduated.  A bargain for the young French people !


Reason number 4 : And last but not the least, the simplicity of life. Even if Dublin is a European capital where life remains quite expensive, Ireland offers simplicity of life that few other countries in Northern Europe offer. The people are rather quiet, not stressed and are welcoming! You will notice that girls can be dress like they want, they won’t have any problem.  Despite their entire incomprehensible accent, there is one thing that cannot be taken away from the Irish: the Irish culture. In every town, every village you will be able to attend live sessions of Irish music of very often excellent groups and enjoy the pub culture.

I want to highlight one point: Irish are welcoming and friendly, the French people are surprise when you go to the supermarket and the cashier is saying “How are you today”, just for that, it is tempting!

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