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Free subversive tweets to brighten your day

Twitter, sometimes a toxic place, sometimes a home for laughter. Credits:

In these difficult times, we all need a bit of laughter. Rejoice! as the account properly named The Hard Times which will make you see that, well, the word ‘hard’ is very subjective. They and their related parody account about video games Hard Drive provide for giggles and laughs to shine some light on some darker days.

Created in 2014, The Hard Times’ Twitter account and their line “Real punk news, comin’ your way!” make fun of everyday life and the minor bumps people can experience within their routine. The account is worth mentioning simply because the titles themselves can lead you to strongly expire out of amusement. As an example, here’s a tweet they posted today:

Of course, as you can see, quarantine provided them with plenty of new topics to explore in a sarcastic way.

The Hard Times also has a related account dedicated to video games called Hard Drive. Keeping up their level of irony, they cover a lot of topics related to the ‘geek’ culture, accessible to initiated and beginners video game fans. Selling itself as ‘ethical gaming journalism’, the account had its president, Ace Watkins, tweet recently about the famous video game franchise Mortal Kombat:

Some of their articles, however, rely on more serious rumours, such as this article from two years ago.

To sum it up, whether you’re looking to take your mind off lockdown or you just feel like you would enjoy puns on everyday life/video games, following these two Twitter accounts can only be good for you.

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