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Fraternité A Familial Dance in Dublin

Kids Silhouette Party

A French dancing duo made their way to Dublin to give a little familial spectacle called Fraternité at the Alliance Française, on Saturday 10th February. It was a dance performance based on brotherly and sisterly love, or rather, the complicated relationship that brothers and sisters have with each other.

At the Alliance Française’s fully refurbished library,  the performance of Fraternité secured itself a full house. It was normal, for the spectacle was aimed at everyone aged three and up. Everyone could enjoy it, as family members and as friends, and even as the little children that we have inside us. Some of us tend to let that child get out and play. Others could do better and let their inner child come out. Fraternité would be one such dance performance, which brings out the inner child, and perhaps the playful childhood memories that goes alongside.

Some of us are far away from what we would normally call home. Some of us have found new homes and yet still remember some aspects of our pasts with fond memories. The brotherly and sisterly relationship displayed in the Fraternité dance sequences gave a little reminiscence of the time when certain siblings were still under the same roof, in a time of innocence. One anecdote of such a reminiscence would include an elder sister breaking down the little brother’s little door-latch twice in order to open the door by force. Assuredly, the sibling violence does not extend to those levels in the performance of Fraternité.

The dancing duo, Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu of the Compagnie Filao were absolutely sympathique during a chance conversation after their performance. They have since returned to the region of Toulouse in France, and are preparing for their next performance in the Netherlands.

Note: Images have been used with permission, and the copyright belongs to Compagnie Filao.

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